Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Motivation

It's hard for me to come back to this blog after such a long absence, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew that working on this blog is a real effort that I need to make.  Blogging looks like it's effortless, but as I've realized again and again, it is so much work.  Well, I'm here to try it again.  The only way to be a successful blogger is to keep trying, so that is what I'll do - starting today.

I want to start a little series of my own here with a motivational phrase to kick off the week.  Mondays are always off kilter for me because I don't know how the week will flow and I feel anxious to get everything done, so I want to give (and receive) an extra little push to start the week on a positive note.

In the past few weeks as I have been thinking a lot about putting myself out there as an artist and really deciding that this is what I want to do, I realized that I was the one holding myself back.  You might be in a different circumstance than I am in and don't have people cheering you on, but I have a lot of supporters and I realized that I wasn't one of them.  Since having that realization, I've decided that I'm going to go for it and do everything I can to make my dreams a reality.  Once I made that decision and got to work, thus proving to myself that I meant it, I began to feel so much peace and excitement about my path, my journey, and my subtle progress.  Nothing "major" has happened, but I feel like I'm on my way now.  

Today I challenge you to stop holding yourself back and start making progress on your dream.  It can be seemingly very little progress, but as you take those little steps, you'll feel a peace that will let you know that you're on the right track.

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