Thursday, June 4, 2015

Podcasts I Love

I want to interrupt my stream of posts about books to share some podcasts that I really love and a couple that I just kind of like!

My favorite podcast just started!  It is called Art for Your Ear and it is put on by Danielle Krysa of the Jealous Curator.  She is delving into the lives of the artists today and I really love hearing their stories.  As of right now, she's only two episodes in and she publishes a new one every Saturday.  If you're a fan of contemporary art, check out her podcast!

Another favorite is Being Boss and it is put on by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.  These two ladies rock at running their own businesses and they have a lot of business and life advice.  I love to listen to them while I work out in the morning because the podcast just gets me so pumped for the day!

I also really love Creative Start.  In this podcast, Cortnee Loren Brown interviews today's creatives to find out their journey and how they got their start doing whatever it is that they do.  I love hearing the insights of those who are really making it in their chosen field.  They have so much advice and I always have to listen to this podcast with pen and paper handy!

A recent favorite is called the Mystery Show.  This is a Gimlet Media podcast hosted by Starlee Kine.  This podcast also just started, but it is a fun one to listen to while I'm running errands or doing chores around the house.  In this podcast, Starlee solves mysteries that can't be solved by running a google search.  She's super funny and endearing and I love listening to her!

I also listen to Arts Entrepreneurs (see a theme? haha...).  This podcast has the potential to be super great, but right now it's just ok.  I listened to the entire first season and most of the episodes are about creatives who run festivals and musicians.  I'm not trying to knock the value of their advice or stories, but I really want to hear from other types of creatives, too.  I'm really hoping that the next season of the show brings more variety!

I occasionally listen to the Lively Show.  It's an interesting show, but I can't get into it for some reason.  I'll usually pull up an episode that looks interesting to me when I really want to listen to something, but I don't have any other episodes.

The last podcast I listen to is the Paperclipping Roundtable.  This podcast is a scrapbooking audio show  I only listen to this when I'm doing chores.  It's a fun show, but it feels a little frivolous!  This one is pure entertainment!

I hope that you're able to find something that strikes your fancy!  I'd love to know what podcasts you're listening to!

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