Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July Gallery Stroll

I made an effort to branch out a bit for the gallery stroll this month.  Usually, we go to the same three galleries every month and while each one is different and the shows vary, I know pretty well what to expect before I arrive.  So, this month we went to a new-to-us gallery, the CUAC.  Nestled into downtown Salt Lake City, it's a fun little gallery.

One of the two artists they were presenting was Fran O'Neill.  I was immediately taken in by her huge, colorful paintings.  (The photo below was taken from the CUAC website.)

The colors and the movement reminds me of geodes and I love how natural they look.  I spent a good amount of time in her part of the gallery looking at each piece, stepping back to view the overall, and getting close to see the brush marks.  I'm not a fan of all abstract art, but I could definitely see owning one of Fran's pieces someday.  The quality and the vibrancy is just captivating and enthralling!  If you're in Salt Lake, you should check out her show until September 8, and if you can't definitely check out her website!

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