Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The February Collection

For the February collection, I didn't start with a clear idea what I wanted to create, so this collection isn't as cohesive as I would like.  Each piece is unique and truly one-of-a-kind!

The first piece is titled "A Light Dusting".  I love the layers in this piece, but it didn't quite seem complete until I added those gold dots!  The dots descend down the canvas and collect at the bottom.  For photos of this painting in the sun, check out the listing by clicking on the link.

Next is "Inversion".  This piece gave me some real trouble!  I went through several cycles of "I hate this" and "I love this", but I ultimately like how it ended up.  The colors and the translucent layers on this painting make it really interesting.

"The Symbol of Mountains" started out just like the other two, but instead of dots or lines, I added tiny triangles and one big triangle.  The greens and the bronze really complement each other.  This painting also shines in the sun and there are more photos of it on the listing!

When I started working on "Dead End", I purchased inks for the first time and I was dying to try it out.  Inks definitely behave differently on canvas than they do on paper, but I still had fun with them!  The ink in this piece is the splatters.  The background is painted in oil and the silver bar is in acrylic.

"Crop Circle" is also another experiment.  After painting the background in oil, I used the ink to make the blue drips.  I thought the ink would drip down pretty easy, but it was actually a bit of a struggle!  Then I painted on the god acrylic stripes and used oil for the last black circle layer.

"Yearning" is the first of the last five paintings, which actually make a collection in themselves.  Nests have been all the rage with a lot of artists, so I wanted to create a few myself!  This painting has an background in oil and the splatters and the nest are done in ink.  The iridescence of this ink makes this painting glow in the sun!

The second nest painting, "Twins", was made similarly.  I love the colors in this piece!  The lavender background and the deep purple eggs just make this painting so gorgeous!

Here is a photo of "Twins" in the sun!

"High Above" is the only nest painting that I did not use iridescent ink on.  The nest is still made out of ink, but it's change in values comes from the ink pooling or thinning on the canvas.  I love the organic feel of this piece and it's definitely a favorite!

"The Gold Egg" is another favorite because of the colors of this piece, and, gold.

The close up of "The Gold Egg" shows the shine of the ink in the sun and the texture of that one, tiny, gold egg!  The photos of this painting really don't do it justice!

The last painting, which is still untitled, is the one I chose to keep.  It was really hard trying to choose which piece I would keep for myself out of this collection, but in the end, this monochromatic painting with the magenta pop of the eggs was just too good to let go.

I mean, look at this painting!

For more information and photos of any of these paintings (except the last one!), check out their listings on my Etsy shop!

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