Thursday, June 30, 2016

Introducing: The June Collection

Before I left on my two week trip, I did my best to set myself up for success with this month's collection.  Based on work in my sketchbook, I knew that I wanted to make a collection of watercolor "planets" with ink designs.  So, before I flew out, I had all ten works painted with at least the base layers of the watercolor and I packed up all my pens and everything I thought might be helpful.

That first week out of town, I didn't do any work!  I was having so much fun adventuring, was up early in the morning, and exhausted at night, and it just didn't happen.  The second week, I knew I had to be deliberate in making time.  Although I was in D.C. that second week, I was able to arrange my days better and I made the time to focus on my work.  Before I got back to Dallas, I had finished three works, two in progress, and one I had a very clear idea for.  I felt really nervous about finishing everything up in time for listing the collection today!

The first piece I finished is "TRIBUTARY".  I worked on this piece in the hotel and I felt very held up by fear in starting.  When I finally got over my fear, I picked up a grey pen and started drawing.

The second piece is "THE SURFACE OF THE SUN".  I love this piece because from a distance, the painting looks like a simple painted sun, but up close you can see the geometric design on the surface.

This close-up shows how the geometric design fades in and out of view based on how saturated the watercolor is on the paper.

The next piece, "STAY CONNECTED" was finished on my flight from Washington D.C. to Dallas.  It was the smoothest flight I have ever been on and I didn't have any trouble drawing the metallic gold triangles.  This piece positively sings in the sun and the contrast between the gold and the dark watercolor is gorgeous.

"MOON SHADES" is a fun piece that is inspired by the movement of the moon across the sky.  It's perhaps the simplest piece of the collection, but it is beautiful in its simplicity.

"ROY G" was an experiment of sorts as I tried out different line patterns on each planet.  I love how this piece came out, so it informed my next piece.

In "STAGGERING", I used more linear patterns on each planet, but I still used the same pen for each planet.  I love that the watercolor underneath the patterns is visible and changes the way the pattern appears.

This piece, "MOON SHINE", was a favorite from the beginning and I knew I didn't want to cover the movement of the watercolor planet.  Instead, I made radiating gold dots and I love the effect it made.

With "CENTRAL", I created a grid with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, but the organic nature of the lines, keeps the piece from being too rigid.  The gray grid really pushes the planet forward and I love the depth it creates.

When I started "WHAT IF THE SKY WAS PINK?", I knew it was a great idea, but about a quarter way through, I was having second thoughts!  The very little triangles that make up the background of this piece were time consuming, but incredibly worth it.

"ON THE GRID" was the last piece I finished, and just yesterday, too!  I was going to make a similar grid as "CENTRAL", but with a finer point pen, but once I had drawn the very thin horizontal and vertical lines, I decided that I loved it and left it.  This is the piece that I decided to keep!

This collection was so much fun to create.  Painting the planets and creating the lines and patterns combined a soft and and uncontrolled element with the controlled and rigid pen lines.  This is a favorite collection and I intend to make more of these in the future!

For more photos, information and prices, check out the links of each piece's title.

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